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If you had a magic wand tap you on the head and grant your deepest wish, who would you want to be?

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Official Biography



Elizabeth MacLeod, author and illustrator of the Wild Woman Mystery Cards, was born in Montreal, Quebec, and lived there until her 19th year when she went to Mount Allison University in New Brunswick to study music. After receiving her Bachelor of Music, she followed her dream to move out west, and arrived in Vancouver, where she completed her Post Degree Certified Professional Teaching Certification (PDCPT) at the University of British Columbia (which is now called a Bachelor of Education). She taught grades 7-10, Music, Drama, English, French and English as a second language for many years.


Elizabeth is the founder of Wild Woman Enchanted Co Int’l Inc and is an Erickson Certified Professional Coach (CPC), Gestalt Psychotherapist, Level ll Reiki Practitioner, a writer and self taught artist and has done extensive study in Shamanism, Meditation, Chi Kung and the Healing Path with the Ontogony, (self realization) Institute of Mexico.


Following her heart as she traveled her life path, she began drawing, painting and writing what she had learned. Through her own personal awakening, she opened to her creative muse, and found herself on an amazing journey of exploration, expansion and creation, out of which came, the Wild Woman® Mystery Cards – An enchanting journey to your true self, a set of 53 beautifully illustrated cards and 123-page book explaining each of the cards and symbols in more depth. This grew into even more hand-made products that you can find here in the shop, as well as services for the Wild Woman.


Elizabeth is the host of the Wild Woman Enchanted show, where she does real talk about real life and how to be a Wild Woman in today’s world, sharing teachings and giving guidance on the spiritual path, and almost always, pulls a card to see what spirit has to say in every show.  She also brings Wild Woman conversations about real life to the floor each month with Life Artist, Sarah Sihota, to really bring the wild into our world with a real flare. They pull cards there too and laugh alot and are amazed at the cards that come up spontaneouly. Bringing magic to the mundane is an every day occurance for Elizabeth!


She currently lives on the Sunshine Coast of British Columbia with her four legged, Daisy over looking the wild and inspiring Pacific Ocean. Waves crashing up on the shore makes her very happy! So does talking with trees. (You can catch that episode on her Wild Woman Enchanted You Tube Channel!)

Elizabeth MacLeod,  B.Mus, PDCPT*


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