Wild Woman Mystery Card Readings

Wild Woman Mystery Card Readings

What is a reading like? 

We meet in person, on the phone, Zoom or Facetime to discuss your burning questions. I consult the Wild Woman Mystery Cards that I wrote and created and share insights right there with you as they rise. Sometimes, other decks are brought in for consultation too. 

Each reading is 60 minutes. 


You don’t have to pick a type of reading. But you can. It will show up as you need it 🙂 

All the spreads take one hour.  

All the spreads are the same price.

You can know exactly what you want when you come, or you can decide when you arrive, or we can decide together. 

You can see your choices below.


Once you pay for your session, you  will receive an email from me so we can book a time together. 


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Elizabeth is like a deep, refreshing breath of ocean air. I love the care and passion she brings to her work and the attention to detail . . . It opens up the wisdom to a larger world.

Wild Woman Isabella

Thank you Elizabeth . . . for your wonderful, magical cards. Not only does the art resonate deeply inside me, filling me with a joyful recognition of something magical that we all share, but the accompanying messages capture something very real and powerful, that touch a deep truth inside us all.

Wild Woman Michelle



For this reading, we will follow the cards and allow them to lead the way and create the pattern.

This spread is for when you don’t fit inside a box or know what reading you would like to do or when you may not have anything specific on your mind, just that you want a reading.

No set plans, we let the wild lead the way and uncover that which seeks you.

We listen to the whisper. Follow the magic. And find the answers that lie within.

The Wild Woman Mystery Cards, their wisdom, your passion along with your essential oils honors the recipient. Thank you for your gift for the feminine in all

Wild Woman Teri


This is a little more than your typical past, present, future spread.

We will also locate the challenge you are having that needs attention for you to grow into yourself.

And the place you will likely arrive, should you stay on that path. 

I was going through a really bad time. And I got the impermanence card! When you really need to let go of something and your holding on too tight, that’s what you need. I wanted to tell you that you really helped me. Thank you.

Wild Woman Andrea


This is a spread using all the 12 Wild Woman Freedoms corresponding to our different chakras and energy systems.

This is a spread that helps you tap into the magic within you, that wild, untapped place, that needs a little attention in order to move forward and begin anew or dissolve an old pattern.

This will free you up, get you unstuck, and in the flow!

We will also pull a 13th card, the wild card, to see what is needed to help unleash what is unknown to you and show us the underlying theme. We will answer, who are you becoming. 

Thanks for the reading with your Wild Woman Mystery Cards. I found the session insightful and the graphics on the cards really reinforced the message I needed to hear. Thanks for working with me on my homework assignment. Feel like I have the baby steps in place now to move forward. Thanks for squeezing me in.

Wild Woman Betsy


We will uncover what spirit is asking of you with this spread.

We will talk with your spirit, your soul, your dream body, your etheric body, and your human wild self to see what is required.

You will leave with a prayer to say and use in the days ahead to help create the bridge to your dreams and the observation necessary for you to seek the possibilities available to you.

And, what you need to do, to find inner peace.

My Wild Woman reading with Elizabeth came as an answer to a prayer. I felt heard and seen. The ritual “feedback” circle exercise healed an old wound.

Wild Woman Rita


This can be done anytime of year, although the typical time is year end, whether that is when the year turns over, or your fiscal year turns over!

We will pull a card for each month of the year, starting with the month we are in (i.e., often January or April, but any year will do) until we have 13 cards infront of us.

The 13th card, will uncover the theme of the year.

We will also pull a card to uncover your power animal.

It’s always nice to have an ally or companion with us as we travel around the sun for another year! 

Your cards are so true – so magic to allow us to move forward each and every day with the passion we are meant to share.

Wild Woman Susan

or this one?

Can’t decide? 

Pick this one. 

I will help you pick the exact one.

I put it out to the Universe yesterday and there you were, exactly what I needed.  <3 Thank you Elizabeth for your energy and wisdom.

Wild Woman Jamie


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You have taught me so much.  I definitely wouldn’t be me without your guidance. You’re amazing!!!  I love you Lizzie!! You’re funny as fuck too! 🙂

Wild Woman Denise

Watching a full reading take place was illuminating – the care and guidance you displayed while you led the her to her own solutions through the wisdom of your questions was magical to watch. The cards then validated and hi-lighted and exposed the learning that was taking place. The cards hold a spiritual energy unlike any other deck I have used in the past. They draw me out of myself and reveal my truth of that moment.

Wild Woman Baljit

I was very impressed by Elizabeth’s skillful and loving ways to go very directly, yet gently and simply to the heart of things. She brings her wonderful huge heart and her love into her work and magic into play, with colours, scents, smell, touch, vibration . . . a wonderful dance of the elements.

Wild Woman Marielle

You know there was just one more thing to do to finish the reading. you really follow your inner wisdom. You go beyond the boundaries . . You complete the process for the person. To witness that from the beginning . . . to dropping into the essential oils and how that touched her . . . witnessing the exercise you had her do. It was so powerful and meaningful for the group. I was very touched by that.

Wild Woman Mariette



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